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Sydney Tile Repair

The Best Tile Repairs Services In Sydney

SYDNEY TILE REPAIRS provides specialised regrouting, replacement, restoration and repair solutions for all types of floors.

SYDNEY TILE REPAIRS is your specialist for tile regrouting, tile stripping, and minor tile repairs. If you need advice to repair or restore your old or brand new floors, or need a professional to do it for you, then you have come to the right place.

Our services include:

Tile Repairs

Replacement & Repair of loose tiles, cracked tiles, chipped tiles, broken tiles or even discolored tiles on your walls, floors, stairs, swimming pool, or anywhere else you have tiles fitted in your home or office .


Tiles are often in good condition but grout is crumbling and has come away leaving the area looking dull & shabby. Tile Regrouting is a process that will dramatically improve the appearance of any tiled area that has endured years of daily traffic or wear and tear. From showers, to bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks to tiled floors and walls, regrouting can leave a tiled area looking fresh, clean and like new for a fraction of the cost of replacing the tiles.

Tile Stripping

Stripping, scrubbing and cleaning to remove old sealants and its residue and restore the original appearance of the floor. Our technicians are equipped with all necessary equipment and possess all skills and experience needed to provide you with an extensive floor stripping service for your tiles. We can strip and reseal any hard surface flooring, as well as wall tiles.

Silicone Joint Replacement

Removing the old expansion joint compound, clean the joints professionally with a suitable solution, dry the joints then install a new quality suitable compound.

Mould & Algae Treatment

We have all the required equipment and treatments that not only effectively remove algae and mould, which commonly occur in outdoor areas where there is a lot of moisture present, but also minimise / stop their return


Maintaining can include cleaning the areas with appropriate solutions as well as vacuuming and mopping on a routine basis. We offer a wide selection of high quality maintenance products to protect and shine your newly cleaned and sealed surfaces.

Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting

Epoxy grout is much harder to work with and requires experienced technicians like SYDNEY TILE REPAIRS. It involves up to 4 times more work and time to grout an area with epoxy grout compared to regular grout

Efflorescence Treatment

Remove efflorescence which is the formation of salt deposits on or near the surface of the tile or concrete. Efflorescence is caused by multiple of factors acting together and in most cases catalysed by environmental conditions. It’s the migration of soluble salts from the grout to the surface.

We provide specialised Regrouting, Replacement, Restoration & Repair solutions for all types of floor and wall tiles

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free estimate, please Call 02 9386 5522 or use our online enquiry form.

If you are looking for the best tile repairs in Sydney then look no further than SYDNEY TILE REPAIRS.

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